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3 In 1 Waffle, Grill & Sandwich Maker CM-83

Comfort eating, weíve all done it. Sometimes, the places we go to tend to ruin our day with uncooked waffles, or condiments that just does not hit your taste buds. As a solution, Russell Taylors 3 in 1 Waffle, Grill & Sandwich Maker CM-83 is the way to go, its non-stick pan will guarantee the batter is cooked. The Waffles are delicious and tasty especially with butter, jam or honey.

Quick and Easy Goodies from Russell Taylors

This Russell Taylors 3 in 1 Waffle, Grill & Sandwich Maker CM-83 is great for home use; it fits on the counter without taking up any space. It’s perfect for someone who wants to make meals quickly. The 3 Sets of Detachable Heating Plates makes perfect waffles, sandwiches and grills with ease and with its non-stick interior, waffles can be removed without leaving any pieces behind. Its features makes it a great device to prepare breakfast or even snacks for the laid back chill out session or hectic afternoon in the office pantry.

Non-Stick Ease for Crunchy Goodness

Its non-stick interior also makes it easier for it to be cleaned. This will guarantee that your waffles are crunchy and golden. It has the familiar grid patterns with the pockets. If you have little kids running around your house and in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry when using Russell Taylors 3 in 1 Waffle, Grill & Sandwich Maker CM-83. Comes complete with a child lock safety feature that disables your child from opening it while its hot and cooking.

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